The western mountain rage and the Cauca River located in the resguardos of San Andrés de Sotavento, Department of Córdoba and in El Volao, in the Urabá Antioqueño.

There are many settlements, parcialidades and individual owners in Córdoba, Sucre, Antioquia and Chocó.

The chroniclers applied this name to the natives who inhabited the extensive savannas encapsulated by the middle and lower courses of the rivers known today as Sinu, San Jorge, and Cauca. The majority of Zenu settlements have a central place around which the houses were built, constructed with cane and palm and surrounded by a patio, similar to modern day rural “campesino” houses. 

The word "Zenu" was apparently taken by chroniclers from the name given by aborigines to the river, which they called "Sinu". 

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These hamlets are formed from the marriage bonds between two or three families that share a territory. A couple usually live in the houses along with the unmarried daughters and the male children with their respective families.

Así eran los Zenúes. Banco de la República de Colombia


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