The Ticunas belong to one of the ethnic groups that inhabit the region of the Amazon in the Amazon trapeze between Colombia, Brazil and Peru.


They have an independent language and practice horticulture, hunting, fishing, gathering and trading. Among the handicrafts made by the Ticunas are necklaces in which they use feathers of colors, seeds, animal bones, snails, vegetable fibers, wood and other materials.

The feather headdress or crown of feathers are used by the man with power or the shaman who mediates for healing. Feathers are taken when birds change plumage.

TICUNAS - Jussara Gruber , 1978

In mythological, their origin comes from the heroes Yoi and Ipi, the first one who determined the laws and custom, while Ipi is the disobedient and stubborn hero.

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