Located 3,152 meters high in the eastern hills, Monserrate is in charge of guarding the city. The peak can be reached by foot, cable car and funicular. Thousand of Catholic pilgrim travel to the peak to visit the Shrine of the Fallen, which is of great religious value.


From this magical place it is possible to appreciate a magnificent panorama of Bogotá and enjoy traditional and international cuisine in its two restaurants. The hill has been a place of pilgrimage since colonial times; the current building of the sanctuary, completed in 1920, stands in the same spot once occupied, in the early seventeenth century, by a chapel and a monastery of Carthusian. Exhibited on the sanctuary is a 16th century carving made by Pedro de Lugo and Albarracín, to which are attributed healing powers. This carving is the Fallen Lord of Monserrate.

The chapel that orginated the pilgrimages to Monserrate was replaced in 1925 by the present church of neogothic architecture, a project led by architect Arturo Jaramillo Concha. Later it was transformed into the current neocolonial looking church. Monserrate was named such because the first chapel was dedicated to Our Lady of the Cross of Monserrate.

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