Although intense racial and cultural mixing took place before and during the colonial period, "In Colombia, the most eastern and southeastern portion of its Amazon -- Vaupés, Guainía and Amazonas -- have maintained a high level of preservation of their forests and ecosystems, and their indigenous occupants still maintain strong components of their culture, their languages, their productive systems, and social organization."

"Hair has its own language and character, and the way it is combed is extremely important to whoever wears it: The middle stripe represents the alignment of thought, the braid the unity of thought with the heart, loose hair means security, and hair pulled up, conviction. Although people currently comb their hair without knowing the meaning of their actions, the style in which the hair is used is important because by putting aside vanity or practicality, the way you wear your hair will directly affect our mood.

In the teachings of many indigenous tribes cutting hair represented a process of mourning or proximity to death"

Hair was of great importance to indigenous peoples because they take it as the physical extension of the thoughts and as points of connection between the body and the spirit. 


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